The Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award (DEAA) gives special recognition to graduates of the CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science who have had distinguished careers after graduation. In all cases, nominees must have demonstrated outstanding personal qualities and important contributions to their fields.

These contributions may be in a broad range of categories: Education, Research and Invention, Government Service, Industry and Commerce, Private Practice, and Special – a category reserved for those alumni of the college whose careers have been distinguished in other areas or non-alumni who deserve recognition for their distinguished services to the college.

The selection committee will consider these factors:

Career: Has the nominee achieved a high level of distinction in his or her field as measured by career trajectory, prior awards, or substantial contributions that have had a positive impact on the profession or society?

Community and Professional Service: Has the nominee given his or her time and talents in service to the local, national or international community or to advancing professional societies and associations above and beyond normal job expectations?

Continued Involvement with CU Engineering: Has the candidate remained engaged with the College of Engineering and Applied Science, such as by serving on an advisory board, giving guest lectures, mentoring students, or providing financial support?
Ends on October 31, 2017

Established in 2013, the CU Engineering Recent Alumni Award recognizes one recent alumnus/a each year for professional achievements, continued service to the college and/or university, and outstanding personal characteristics within 10 years of graduation from the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Alumni who have graduated from the college with a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree within the last 10 years, as counted from the year of graduation for the most recent degree, are eligible. (Example: A May 2007 BS and May 2007 MS graduate would have eligibility through December 2017; a December 2007 graduate would have eligibility through December 2017.)

The award selection process is based on the following weighted criteria:

Career accomplishments and professional development (50%): Nominee has made significant or distinct contribution to organization, business, or cause since graduation from the college. This may include demonstrated experience or knowledge of field. Examples: formal recognition/awards, patents, innovations, key projects; active membership and involvement in professional organizations; leadership roles in professional groups or boards, or in the company/industry in which they are employed; training and certifications, advanced education, and licenses.

Continued involvement with CU and CEAS (25%): Nominee actively participates in university or CEAS sanctioned/organized events or activities and/or gives back to the college/university in the form of time or money. Examples: student mentorship, senior design project involvement, departmental engineering boards, engineering societies, freshman projects, alumni events, financial contributions, speaking engagements, industry recruitment, etc.

Character, growth, and service (25%): Nominee exhibits exemplary personal qualities and development, as seen through some or all of the following: proven leadership skills or qualities, passion for interests, demonstrated integrity and ethical decision-making, and commitment of time, experience and/or recurring involvement with volunteer, nonprofit, or outreach work.